Inn The Woods

A 15+ acre resort dedicated to offering comfortable upscale ‘tree canopy cottages’ for short-term vacation rentals. We offer students and families a relaxing, enjoyable, and comfortable stay. Launching in 2022, we will open with 7 cabins and will continue adding cabins as we expand. It’s a place to be totally immersed in nature while meeting your creature comforts, such as air conditioned cottages, organic mosquito control, biological swimming pond, organic farm to table restaurant, full kitchen in cabins, indoor and outdoor showers, and more. It’s a typical day to stroll through the woods and see many Florida wildlife, such as wild turkey, deer, owls, hawks and woodpeckers. It’s a beautiful day here when guests take a dip in our natural swimming pond where aquatic and edible plants filter the water imitating a diverse eco-system.

The Sebring Institute

The Sebring Institute is on the Inn the Woods resort property. We are a team of co-creators manifesting a vision of conscious education schooling dedicated to our future generations. The Sebring Institute will provide classes on the ‘lost arts’. These skills include classes that enable individuals to live self-sufficiently, with freedom and sovereignty. Honoring Nature, our curriculum covers subject matters like homesteading, living off the land, blacksmithing, woodworking, Earthen building, preserving food, farming, nature survival, permaculture, medicinal plants, apothecary practices and more.

On a mass conscious level, humanity is reaching new heights of alternative living styles as well as educational methods, and this is our contribution to fill that void. We continue to return back to the land with the purpose of self restoration. Many studies have proven that living near nature can positively impact our brains, bodies, and emotional state. With these values in mind we are cultivating a place to honor our children’s learning process through creativity, resourceful, and oneness. Open to all students and families, The Sebring Institute will offer discounted rates to members as well as scholarship programs to best suit all individual needs.